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Why Grounded and Smarter Solar?

We are experts in every form of solar installation, from small off-grid lighting systems to solar hot water to large commercial systems.  We are proudly NABCEP Board Certified.  NABCEP is the gold standard for training and certification in the solar industry; in fact, your solar system needs to be inspected by a NABCEP certified installer in order to receive the Maryland Solar Grant.  We have been in the solar business since 2005 and have the experience to back up our core values of simple design with best in class materials.

Our Partners

Cleargreen logo

ClearGreen works with homeowners and business owners to find the best solar energy solution to fit their needs and exceed their goals.


EnergySage gives you access to transparent information so you can make informed decisions, confidently. They connect you with energy companies who are competing to earn your business.

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